When I was speaking with one of my clients, I realized that the first photography session could sound scary, as it is a new experience. She said: I was thinking about a photo session for a long time, but I am not a professional model, I don’t know how to look good on photos and I was scared that the photographer could be irritated that I don’t know what to do and how to cooperate.   

I completely understand this and I think you could feel this way not only for the first time, especially when you have not a good experience with the previous photographer.   

I am here to dispel all your doubts. I take family lifestyle photography as they are natural. You do not need to know how to pose. The only thing you need is being yourself. That’s all. The rest is done by me. I know that people are different and feel less or more comfortable in the company of a new person. It’s absolutely normal and it’s nothing to worry about. I have experience and I fit my client’s needs. In one session I am like your old friend, we are talking about everything and meanwhile, I take photos. In another session I am your child’s best friend, we are playing together, spend a lovely time and in the end, we have a lot of beautiful photos and memories. In some other session, you just spend a normal day with your loved ones, you are talking, joking, playing with children and I am like a ghost- you can completely forget about me and you even not realized when I take wonderful photos or even portraits for all of you.  I see which methods I should use but please remember- you will not be ashamed to say if you feel uncomfortable or would like to change something. I am here for you.   

Another thing which helps it is knowing anything about your photographer before the session. And I think it’s the best place to introduce myself. I am Kate, I love people as much as I love photography. I could listen to their history all the time. I think everybody is beautiful and I love to show it in my photos. I have three small children. In my free time, I play for them “Baby shark” on the piano, paint cartoon characters and read a book about cats- one book, every day, a few times. I know you know it.  I am moved by watching movies, listening to music or looking at people’s nice gestures for others. I can’t imagine the world without art and if one day you will see someone who sings on the street during a rainy day or while running it’s a big probability that it’s me or my mate soul. I laugh a lot and if I am looking serious in some photos- believe me, it is a posed photo and a few seconds later I have laughed again.   

I have asked my friends to check if I am honest with it what I wrote and they said that I need to add that I am highly empathic and if I will be able I will adopt or find a lovely home for every pet in the shelter and I treat every child in this same way as mine and it’s why I find little friends everywhere I go.   

So, don’t worry about asking me a question. I am happy to help. And don’t be scared of your photo session with me- I am here to makes with you and your family beautiful memories. Just be yourself and you will have a wonderful souvenir for years.